Our Roots

Headspace was founded through a partnership between two good friends, Jessie and Thresa who were tired of the vicious working cycle and stress of work piling up. Inspired to overcome this problem that contributes to the existence of constant burn outs and wanting to impact the working and hustling life of others, they came up with a solution.

They realized that work productivity is affected by the style and environment that people choose to work in and that it is almost impossible to be productive in non-conducive work places such as distracting cafes with patrons or in corporate office settings that are simply soul-sucking.

Hence, the birth of Headspace!
A space created specially for all like-minded people who wants to achieve more in lesser time.

Who we are?

Life is simply too short for you to be spending long hours slogging to get work done. Am I right, or am I right? That is why Headspace is here to help all hardworking hustlers like you out there gain the headspace and focus you need to result in maximum productivity. Designed with the incorporation of psychological elements of different working styles and working environments, our space provides a comfortable ambience that caters to all types of hustlers. Might feel just like home – or even better, with our homey setting, high-speed wifi, and free unlimited food boosters. Leave it to Headspace to ensure that all your work needs are met so you can be the most productive you can ever be. Here at Headspace we say, “Less time slaving, and more time hustling” because time should be spent on being productive the right way to have more time for life’s enjoyments later on!

Our Dream

Call us ‘clingy’, but we want to be a part of your success by making sure you can count on us to help get your shit done!

By helping you, we hope that we are able to achieve the dream one day of expanding and spreading the culture of Headspace. We want to maximise your work productivity so that there is more time for yourself rather than solely on boring ol’ work.

Our Core Values

1. Be prepared for an abundance of great work, laughter, goodwill, kindness, and more.
2. Be aware of the “Headspace” you need to gain for great quality time.
3. Be willing to introduce yourself, make friends and help others achieve more.
4. Be eager to help everyone feel proud of our space and the people in it.
5. Be able to do good and to do well.